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Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions FAQ

The following are common questions we receive from prospective residents and their families about the admissions process and participation in our residential treatment program here at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch.

Is there an age requirement for residents of Plum Creek Recovery Ranch?

You must be at least 18 years old to receive treatment at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch.

Do you accept men and women for substance abuse treatment?

Although some facilities treat men and women together, Plum Creek Recovery Ranch has gender-specific groups. This allows you to feel safe to freely share what might be difficult to discuss in a mixed gender group.

Plum Creek Recovery Ranch is a trauma-responsive facility. You can be assured that while you are with us, you are in a safe and calming environment.

How do you evaluate the guidelines and criteria for admissions over the phone?

After the information is collected by an admissions counselor, it is reviewed by our experienced clinical team to determine if Plum Creek Recovery Ranch can meet the needs of the prospective resident. We will then call the prospective resident with our recommendation.

What if I’m calling to seek substance abuse treatment for someone else?

For a family member seeking treatment for a loved one, we will try to gather as much information as possible. We will ask the caller’s relationship to the prospective resident and explain our treatment process and answer any questions they may have.
After trust has been established and a rapport has been built, the admissions counselor will ask the family member to provide as much information about their loved one as possible. This includes:

    • Prospective resident’s full name
    • Prospective resident’s address
    • Prospective resident’s date of birth
    • Prospective resident’s social security number

    If information about the prospective resident’s work history and family life (employment and length of employment, marital/relationship status, military background, current living situation, children, relationship with children, etc.) is known, the admissions counselor will gather as much information as possible.

    If the family member knows that their loved one plans to use their health insurance benefits to cover costs associated with their stay, we will ask for the information from the prospective resident’s health insurance card for benefit verification.

Do residents sign an agreement or a contract before they begin treatment?

All residents sign a consent to treatment agreement, a contract to successfully complete treatment, and consent to speak to specific people (family members and loved ones, referral sources, employers/EAPs, union officials, probation/parole officers, etc.). This is done during the initial admissions process.

Is there ever a waiting period to start a treatment program or can residents start at any time?

Once a person is medically cleared and a bed is available, they may be admitted at any time during our designated hours. Admitting hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm and Saturday, 9am to 2pm. Although we never anticipate a bed shortage, if a bed is not immediately available, we will make a referral to another appropriate program.

Do I have to tell my employer that I’m in treatment?

Who and what you tell about your admission to Plum Creek Recovery Ranch is completely up to you. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects your health information from being disclosed to anyone without your express consent. Federal law does not require you to inform your employer about your decision to seek treatment. If your employer offers a confidential Employee Assistance Program (known as an EAP), you might want to connect with them, as this service can be extremely helpful in working with your health insurance provider and filing for assistance through the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

What is the next step once the prospective resident agrees to substance abuse treatment?

We strive to complete the admissions assessment with one phone call. Depending on the prospective resident’s ability/willingness to complete the assessment, it may require more than one call. Once the assessment is completed and approved, a commitment to treatment is reached. We then schedule a date and time for admission.

If a medical detox is necessary prior to admission to Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, we can help refer you to a facility that provides those services. We can also coordinate the detox provider to arrange for transportation to Plum Creek Recovery Ranch post-detox.

If it is determined that detoxification is not necessary, the prospective resident can check themselves into the facility in Lockhart, Texas.

Do you offer detox at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch?

At this time, we do not offer onsite detox services. If a medical detox is necessary prior to admission to Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, we will refer you to an appropriate facility for those services. Once your medical detox is successfully completed, you may start the admissions process to Plum Creek Recovery Ranch.

Do you offer substance abuse intervention services?

If the prospective resident is unwilling to come to treatment or if the family is interested in conducting an intervention with their loved one prior to speaking with an admissions counselor, Plum Creek Recovery Ranch can recommend a trained interventionist who can help facilitate an intervention.

Although this is not part of our treatment process, it is a service that we can provide a referral for. The family will work with their chosen interventionist to establish pricing as well as a time, location, and the necessary steps prior to the intervention.

What if a resident changes their mind about seeking substance abuse treatment once admitted?

Treatment is voluntary. Plum Creek Recovery Ranch is not a locked facility. It is not uncommon for a resident to want to depart prior to their scheduled discharge date. However, if a resident decides to leave against medical advice, the resident must provide their primary counselor with a 4-hour notice of intent to depart.

During these four hours, we work very closely with the resident’s counselor to create blocking strategies. These strategies could include: contacting the resident’s loved ones, referral source(s), and anyone else we have consent to speak with for assistance in encouraging the resident to stay, and, if appropriate, asking for support from the treatment community.

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