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A New Hope for Opioid Addiction: How Spark Biomedical’s Neurostimulation Device Sparrow Ascent Offers Relief

    For many, if not all individuals suffering from opioid abuse, the idea of going through opioid withdrawal (getting “dopesick” as its often called), is the fear that keeps users hunting for their next dose. And for no small reason. Opioid withdrawal begins in as little as 12 hours after the latest dose and its symptoms peak 12 to 36 hours later. The symptoms have been described as resembling a brutal case of the flu (fatigue, stomach pain cramping, nausea, shaking, sweating, vomiting, restlessness, muscle aches, insomnia) with an attendant unstable mental state and a desperate craving for another dose. To combat these symptoms, individuals detoxing from opioid abuse are often prescribed drugs like methadone and buprenorphine to limit cravings. These drugs bind to the same opioid receptors in the brain that the opioids did, blunting the worst of the withdrawal symptoms and giving users their best chance to successfully detox. However, methadone has significant, harsh side effects that mimic the original symptoms of opioid withdrawal, particularly if used repeatedly. Luckily, the future of opioid addiction treatment is here today: Spark Biomedical’s Sparrow Ascent neuromod.

     A revolutionary breakthrough, the Sparrow Therapy System is the first and only FDA-cleared, non-invasive neurostimulation device for opioid withdrawal. Sparrow Therapy works by stimulating your brain with electrical signals through the skin on and around the ear — a process called transcutaneous auricular neurostimulation[1] — which sends endorphins flooding into the same receptors that, when left empty, trigger the withdrawal process. Where previous treatments simply plied the brain with a different kind of artificial opiate than the opioid that left the patient in withdrawal, the Sparrow treatment tickles the vagus and trigeminal nerve into providing the body’s own endorphins, leaving the patient in all-natural relief. With only the discomfort of wearing a single, wrap-around ear bud, treatment for opioid withdrawal is just a simple prescription away.

            The results are remarkable. In recent clinical trials:

·        89% of patients experienced mild or no withdrawal symptoms after a mere 60 minutes of therapy.

In the first two hours over 60% of patients reported a reduction in all symptoms, including an:

·        Over 70% reduction in tremors and overall restlessness

·        Over 50% reduction in gooseflesh, gastric distress, sweating and nasal discharge

·        Over 30% reduction in bone & joint aches, yawning, anxiety irritability, heart rate, and pupil dilation

After one day:

·        Approximately one out of three clinical trial patients were symptom-free after the first day of Sparrow therapy treatment.

After five days:

·        54% of patients had successfully completed the detox process using Sparrow therapy

·        94% of patients accepted a referral to continue addiction treatment

·        Overall, ongoing symptom improvements were progressive, positive and lasted throughout the withdrawal period

Once you receive your Sparrow therapy, you can begin to safely detox in your room or anywhere else on our 200 acre facility. Since the Sparrow ascent device is made of simple, disposable earpiece, patient controller (to adjust the volume and intensity for comfort) and connecting cable, Sparrow therapy can be as on the go as you are.

Best of all, unlike its pharmaceutical forbears, Sparrow therapy is non-addictive, and its use helps activate the parts of the brain associated with things like decision-making, rewarding behavior, stress reduction and emotion; all important in putting the patient on a better path in their recovery journey. Sparrow ascent is a prescription only therapy and our prescribing physicians at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch are ready to prescribe you this treatment to help ease your recovery journey. If you need it, recovery is ready and waiting for you, at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch.

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