The best call you’ll ever make

The admissions process at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch starts with a phone call to our 24-hour admissions hotline.

100% Confidential

Our conversation with a caring and compassionate admissions counselor is 100% confidential. The information collected will only be used to answer questions, assess the prospective resident’s treatment needs, evaluate willingness to commit to treatment, and prescribe the best course of treatment.

At Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, we want the admissions process to be informative and simple to navigate. As part of these efforts, we offer insurance verification and an experienced admissions team to help answer your questions and guide you through any uncertainties you may have about seeking substance abuse treatment.

Treatment Facility Admissions Process

The admissions assessment can take up to 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the individual’s situation.

Our pre-screening assessment helps us match the prospective resident’s needs to the appropriate level of care. This is why it is important that the initial phone call be made in a comfortable, quiet area where an open and honest conversation can take place.

Admissions Assessment

Some of the information the admissions counselor will gather on the prospective resident includes:
  • Basic Information (including DOB and SSN)
  • Current living situation
  • Military background
  • Family life (marital/relationship status, children)
The following information is also helpful to have available when you call to speak with an admissions counselor:
  • Presenting issues and concerns
  • Substance use history (including past treatment history)
  • Medical History
  • Psychiatric History (including past hospitalizations)
  • Insurance information

We Accept Most Major Insurance Carriers

Once you have submitted the verification form, if you still have questions about insurance and payment at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Meet Our Admissions Team

Our dedicated admissions staff is available whenever you need their assistance. They are here to guide you through the process, answer any questions you may have, provide you with details about our treatment programs, and review your insurance.

Get to know the Admissions Counselor you’ll be working with, their qualifications, and what drives them to provide all potential residents with a streamline admissions process.


Admissions Process

Choosing the Right Treatment Facility

Making the decision to commit to a substance abuse treatment program can be a difficult one for any person or family member to make. The team at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch is committed to making every resident’s stay a positive one. We also help families provide the support their loved ones need during the treatment process.

If You’re Ready to Heal, We’re Ready to Help.