Family Program in Austin, Texas

For Group Healing From Substance Abuse

One individual’s addiction can have a significant effect on the entire family. Addiction can take an incredible toll on family members. The anger, worry and fear oftentimes paralyzes families who feel helpless to effectively intervene.

Family Substance Abuse Program Overview

The Family Program at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch is designed to support the family while their loved one is in treatment. Research shows improved long-term recovery and sobriety when families also receive the support they need.

The family support group at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch provides the support families need as their loved one embarks on their own recovery journey.

Our Goals

Education about the disease model of addiction

Understanding the dynamics of codependency,
enabling behaviors and setting healthy boundaries

Improving communication skills

Group and individual therapy sessions

Information and exposure to Al-Anon

Importance of self-care

Strong Support = Long-term Success

This program provides information and direction for families to better understand the treatment and recovery process for themselves and their loved one.

What Family Members and Loved Ones Can Expect

Once the resident has signed the proper consent form, the Family Program at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch starts the first day of admission.

It begins with a phone call letting you know your loved one has safely arrived and it continues with weekly follow-up calls to update you on their progress.

invitation only…

The Family Program is by invitation only from the resident.

Participants must be 18 and over.

The cost of the family program is included in the cost of treatment.

Benefits of Participating in the Family Program



of addiction

of self-care

Free Monthly Support Meetings

We Accept Most Major Insurance Carriers

Once you have submitted the verification form, if you still have questions about insurance and payment at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Family Program for Substance Abuse FAQ

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