Texas Rehab Center Awarded The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval

Clinically Reviewed by Sarah Hogan, MA LPC

Sarah is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 13 years of experience in the behavioral health field as well as a certified provider of Cognitive Processing Therapy for Trauma. She has extensive experience in counseling and case management with local mental health authorities, emergency homeless shelters, leading high acuity response teams, and serving first responders/veterans.

Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, an addiction treatment facility outside of Austin, Texas, received The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval® for Behavioral Health Accreditation. The elite organizations that have received this certification meet the Joint Commission’s rigorous performance standards for delivering safe and effective care of the highest quality and value

About Plum Creek Recovery Ranch

Established in 1951, The Joint Commission, formerly known as The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) is the nation’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in health care.

As an independent, not-for-profit organization, The Joint Commission’s has made it their mission to continuously improve health care for the public by evaluating and inspiring organizations to excel in their field(s).

The Joint Commission offers certification services to:

  • Ambulatory Health Care
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Laboratory Services
  • Nursing Care Centers
  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • Home Care Facilities

According to The Joint Commission website, to earn and maintain The Gold Seal of Approval®, organizations must undergo an on-site survey by a Joint Commission survey team at least every three years. (Laboratories must be surveyed every two years.)

TJC Gold Seal of Approval Accreditation Process and Standards

Every year, The Joint Commission accredits over 20,000 health care facilities and organizations worldwide. In order to receive approval, organizations must align with The Joint Commission’s detailed quality and safety standards. Specially trained health care professionals visited Plum Creek Recovery Ranch to conduct an on-site survey to evaluate how well the facility:

  • Provides a safe environment for clients’ care
  • Educates clients about the risks and options for diagnosis and treatment
  • Protects clients’ rights, including rights to privacy
  • Evaluates clients’ condition, before, during and after diagnosis and treatment
  • Medical management

After thorough evaluation and surveying, The Joint Commission awarded Plum Creek Recovery Ranch The Gold Seal of Approval® for meeting behavioral health and safety standards.

Plum Creek Recovery Ranch Addiction Treatment

Located in central Texas, Plum Creek Recovery Ranch helps individuals overcome and manage substance abuse problems, so they can lead healthier, happier lives. Their mission is to provide a safe space where individuals can detach from the everyday distractions that may be preventing them from gaining the tools to heal and maintain sobriety.

Unlike other addiction treatment centers, residents at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch feel empowered to grow through a variety of activities that focus on treating the whole person, and mending underlying issues that hinder the recovery process. Some of the activities they offer include group therapy, individual therapy, art therapy, yoga, and mindfulness meditation.

Plum Creek’s substance abuse programs include:

  • In-patient Treatment
  • Clinically-based Program
  • Experiential Therapies
  • Medication-assisted Therapy
  • Trauma-informed Care
  • Family Program
  • Aftercare Services

With the help of knowledgeable counselors and providers, residents are able to achieve sobriety in a supportive, compassionate environment. Plum Creek Recovery Ranch and its idyllic location is a place where you can find freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.

Plum Creek’s Goals for Behavioral Health and Wellness

Accreditation and certification from The Joint Commission is the benchmark in health care, and Plum Creek Recovery Ranch is honored to be a Joint Commission (JCAHO) accredited organization.

Achieving The Gold Seal of Approval® allows Plum Creek Recovery Ranch to further their mission to provide unparalleled treatment as the most trusted partner for substance use disorders in the country. With the support of The Joint Commission, Plum Creek will continue to guide patients towards a life of serenity, prosperity, and hope.

For additional information about Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, addiction treatment programs, or The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval®, please email admissions@plumcreekrecoveryranch.com or call 512-398-3000.

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