a community of caring professionals

As a referring professional, you understand the importance of having a relationship with a trusted partner who can assist your client struggling with an addiction to find successful treatment and lifelong recovery.

Why Referring Professionals Trust Plum Creek Recovery Ranch

When you refer to Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, you can expect:

A team of professional admissions counselors ready to speak with you or your client

100% confidentiality

All questions answered with confidence and care

Collaboration with you to secure the best course of treatment for your client

A professional benefit review as well as coordination to help your client access the maximum health insurance benefits available

Regular reporting on your client’s treatment progress as well as collaboration on a discharge/aftercare plan to ensure continuity of care

What We Do and Who We Treat

Criteria for Admission into Our Treatment Program

Psychologically stable enough to undergo the process of addiction treatment.

If psychiatric care is needed prior to admission, Plum Creek Recovery Ranch can help find an appropriate facility for your client. Once your client is successfully discharged from psychiatric care, we will facilitate a door-to-door transfer to Plum Creek Recovery Ranch.

Not actively suicidal

If your client has past suicide attempts or has recent suicidal ideation, they must commit to a safety plan.


Your Partner in Treatment & Recovery

Prior to your client’s admission, our business development manager will work with you to discuss anything you require during your client’s stay as well as determine your preferences.

preferences to consider:

Notification upon admission

Anticipated length of stay

Notification upon discharge, either scheduled or unscheduled

Your communication/reporting expectations

Your willingness to assist in helping your client remain in treatment should they decide to leave prior to scheduled discharge

Collaboration on discharge planning and aftercare resources

Your client’s admissions counselor will also confirm these preferences.

Open communication for ongoing success

We understand that open and ongoing communication with you is key in your client’s success.

Once your client has been admitted*, their primary treatment counselor will also be in contact with you to introduce themselves, discuss your preferences and answer any questions you may have. You are welcome to reach out to your client’s primary counselor at any time during your client’s stay.

we care about consent

*Consent must be provided by your client prior to contact by the primary treatment counselor. Our recovery advocates will obtain all consents during the admissions process. If consent is denied, we will continue to work with your client to obtain their consent to contact you. Prior to admission, we encourage you to discuss the importance of allowing appropriate Plum Creek Recovery Ranch staff to include you in the treatment process.

How to Refer to
Plum Creek
Recovery Ranch

We make it very easy for you to refer your client to us. Simply call our 24-hour admissions hotline.

If You’re Ready to Heal, We’re Ready to Help.