Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Plum Creek Recovery Ranch is an advanced, unique substance abuse treatment facility. Our treatment programs, coupled with the setting in which we provide them, create a more impactful recovery experience for our residents.

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Our professionally trained team is dedicated to helping those who struggle with the disease of addiction find the help they need to lead a healthier, happier life.

Located in the breathtaking foothills less than 20 miles south of Austin, Texas, Plum Creek Recovery Ranch serves individuals and families from across the country. We are close enough to be convenient but far enough away to be safe from distractions that can impede healing.

Life-changing Treatment

We provide our residents with evidence-based treatment modalities that get life-changing results.

We pride ourselves on exceeding the needs of our residents and their loved ones. If you have questions about any of our treatment programs, do not hesitate to reach out to us to get the answers you seek.

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

At Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, our goal is to identify and then address the underlying problems that lead to substance abuse.

The most effective way of achieving this important step is by first conducting a thorough medical, psychiatric, and social assessment. This allows our specialists to identify the systemic cause of your addiction and gives our team the ability to create a customized plan for successful recovery.

Family Program

At Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, we understand the role that a family plays in the recovery process. Throughout our many years of working in this field, we have found that involving the family and other loved ones leads to long-lasting recovery.

Medication-Assisted Therapy

Medication-Assisted Therapy is the use of anti-craving medicines including naltrexone (Vivitrol) and buprenorphine (Suboxone). These are used in combination with a comprehensive therapy and support program to help address issues related to opioid dependence. This includes withdrawal, cravings, and relapse prevention.

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Our Substance Abuse Aftercare Services

At Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, we understand that the aftercare process is equally as important to long-term recovery as our core treatment program. When choosing a substance abuse treatment program, consider the importance of staying on a sustainably healthy path after treatment for a better chance at lasting sobriety.

Why choose Plum Creek Recovery Ranch for treatment?

We’re glad you asked.

With our facility located on a 200-acre ranch in beautifully scenic Central Texas, we offer a unique substance abuse treatment experience. Our experienced staff is here to serve. They safely guide our residents through the treatment experience, which is designed to make a lasting impact to improve the lives of those profoundly affected by the disease of addiction.

We Accept Most Major Insurance Carriers

Once you have submitted the verification form, if you still have questions about insurance and payment at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Resources

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of resources that can help you and your family along the way.

If You’re Ready to Heal, We’re Ready to Help.