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Over a year ago, Signature Healthcare Services added to their family of healthcare facilities with a luxury inpatient drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation center. Plum Creek Recovery Ranch is located just outside of Austin, Texas on the original Briarpatch Ranch–and ideal setting for adults in recovery.

The ranch seamlessly transitioned into a residential treatment facility for both men and women who struggle with substance use disorders. It was a dramatic refurbishment of a historic 15,000-square-foot home with several outbuildings on the picturesque 200-acre working cattle ranch. The property was designed for healing with beautiful furnishings and luxury amenities.

Why Choose Plum Creek Recovery Ranch

The main focus of the staff at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch is restoring hope in our residents by treating the mind, body, and spirit. We do this through individualized, integrative, and evidence-based treatment. Our mission is rooted in creating the best possible environment for those seeking a healthier life in recovery.

How We Treat Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction are complex disorders that affect the mind and the body, so the need for professional help is very common. It’s often the only way to overcome a substance use disorder.

Addiction can affect every aspect of an individual’s life from work, school, family, friends, and community. Left untreated, it can result in incarceration, negative health outcomes, and people’s lives.

There are many options for drug addiction treatment. Everyone’s journey is unique to their condition and lived experiences. Therefore, our treatment plans are uniquely tailored to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual. The two options offered at our rehabilitation center are inpatient and outpatient treatment services.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment for Drug Addiction

Inpatient or residential treatment involves staying overnight at a facility with medical support for several days or weeks. Outpatient treatment involves visiting a rehab facility on a daily or weekly basis for programing like support groups, individual counseling, and education classes.

Plum Creek Recovery Ranch is an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation center offering outpatient or aftercare services to those who’ve participated in our inpatient program.

We offer a comprehensive assessment upon admission that covers all of the mental, behavioral, and physical aspects of a person’s health as well as current conditions, environments, history, family information, and more. Our assessment allows us to create an individualized treatment plan that has identifiable progress goals with treatment objectives.

Inpatient or residential treatment creates a comprehensive therapeutic environment. It’s often the safest, healthiest place for someone to learn to manage and overcome drugs or alcohol because they can detach from the distractions of their everyday life.

Outpatient treatment can be used as the next step in the recovery process. After a client has detoxed and is equipped with the right tools from our inpatient program, outpatient services are a great way to maintain a healthy, sober life through continued support.

Is Residential Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Effective?

Residential treatment offers the client a private, monitored setting that allows for improvement in a programmed atmosphere. It’s known to be the most successful treatment option because clients can readily process the psychological, social, and behavioral problems associated with addiction as well as address triggers that can cause relapse.

Choosing the Right Drug Addiction Treatment Program for You or a Loved One

If you’ve ever researched drug or alcohol addiction treatment programs before, you were probably overwhelmed by the response to your search. Given the enormous destructive ramifications of addiction, you want to make a decision that gives you the very best chance for a positive outcome for you or your loved one.

According to the Recovery Research Institute, the characteristics of a quality substance abuse treatment facility include the following.

  • Assessment is key to a quality start – should be thorough and comprehensive
  • Comprehensive and integrated treatment approach – treating the whole person
  • Emphasis on continuing care – intentional linkages to resources
  • Caring, comfortable, and respectful environment – a place where you can regain your life
  • Family and significant others involvement – a systemic approach to living and functioning with others
  • Engagement and retention strategies and programs – goal to prevent clients from dropping out
  • Evidence-based and evidence-informed practices – delivering the best practices can lead to better outcomes
  • Qualified, professional staff and adequate supervision – having the staff that can function in various roles to provide a broad range of services as well as around the clock supervision
  • Using personalized approaches – healing that focuses on the individual
  • Indicators of quality measurements – ensuring that clients have the best possible clinical outcomes
  • External accreditation by national agencies – accreditations, licensure, and routine auditing should be common practices

What to Expect at an Inpatient Rehabilitation Center?

Here are some common initial questions individuals and their families ask Plum Creek Recovery Ranch upon starting an inpatient treatment program.

  • How soon can I be admitted? – You can be admitted as soon as you are medically cleared and a bed is available.
  • What if I have to detox? – PCRR now offers detox with safe, advanced, therapeutic methods to patients who may require this important first step.
  • How long will I be staying in residential care? – Not all journeys are the same but an optimal stay is generally 30 days with a step down to a customized outpatient program.
  • How will my family know about my progress? – During admissions each resident will sign a proper consent form if they want to stay connected to loved ones.

Our Family Program at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch

The support of family and friends is a significant part of recovery, not only for the resident but for their loved ones too. Of course, it’s by invitation and consent of the resident for family members to participate in the program. Some of the outcomes are as follows.

  • Improved communication strategies
  • Strengthening of boundaries
  • Understanding of addiction
  • Importance of self-care

Our Inpatient Treatment Facility Near Austin

At Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, we strive to provide the most individualized care possible for drug or alcohol addiction in a supportive and safe environment. Our approach is rooted in trauma-informed care. We treat the whole person, keeping in mind that many forms of addiction are rooted in childhood and acute adult onset of trauma. Our professional staff takes the necessary steps to create an environment for individuals to heal.

Those who choose our inpatient treatment facility are given the best care from licensed, certified professionals who exceed standards in the psychiatric, medical, and therapeutic industries. Being trauma-informed, we understand that women and men heal differently. We take a gender-specific approach as we work to treat issues related to addiction as well as potential underlying mental health issues.

Plum Creek Recovery Ranch offers a wide array of programming that includes both individual and group addiction recovery therapy, Medical Assisted Therapy (MAT), and access to resources such as 12-step programs and support meetings.

Free Cost Estimate for Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment

Connecting with our admissions team is as simple as making a phone call to 512-398-3000. You’re also welcome to fill out our contact form, and a team member will be in touch with you in a timely manner. Don’t wait, get help today.

Testimonials From Our Alumni

Plum Creek!!! Gosh I have so many amazing things to say about this place❤️ I absolutely 100% recommend this Facility!! It’s so perfectly structured and the Team here is amazing hands down!!! 🙌 Jared, Isaac, Jerry, Tina, Kim, Mike, Travis, Brittany, Rebecca, ALL the nurses, the management and so many many more people have seriously impacted my life here to grow and be successful for myself. Thank you Plum Creek for EVERYTHING! The best experience ever 🙏"

Christopher C. Alumni

Plum Creek recovery ranch is a really amazing place that completely changed my life. I was lost for a long time but found a true peace there that I never knew I could have. You can feel the love they have for helping others as soon as you walk in the door. I recommend this place for anyone struggling with addiction and wants to finally be free on the inside.

Keevan G. Alumni

My experience at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch was a life changing event. They helped me realize a life of sobriety and restored my hope in the future. They did this with genuine care and concern among all staff members. From the therapists to the kitchen staff, everyone expressed genuine care for my recovery and health. I am grateful for everyone's kindness and my new lease on life.

Charles C. Alumni

Suffering from the bonds of addiction?

Feel free to reach out to us at Plum Creek Recovery Ranch! Our dedicated team is committed to supporting you throughout your journey to recovery, offering guidance and assistance at every stage.

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At Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, we understand that seeking help for addiction can be a difficult step, but you’re not alone. Our dedicated team is here to support you on your journey to recovery. Whether you have questions about our programs, want to schedule a consultation, or need immediate assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact us via phone, email, or by filling out the form. Your well-being is our priority, and we’re committed to providing compassionate care every step of the way!

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